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Photo courtesy of University of West Florida

For Speaking Engagements, please contact:

The Steven Barclay Agency

Vanderbilt Office:
114B Calhoun* Hall

Vanderbilt University


EMAIL: j.cowie AT



Jefferson Cowie

Department of History

227 Benson Hall 
2301 Vanderbilt Place 
PMB 351802 
Nashville, TN 37235


*Calhoun Hall is not named after the defender of slavery, John C. Calhoun. It is named after William Henry Calhoun, a Nashville silversmith who was nonetheless a vocal champion of the Confederacy. And while we are at it, the namesake of my endowed chair, newspaper publisher James Stahlman, was instrumental in supporting segregation and getting renown civil rights leader James Lawson expelled from the Vanderbilt Divinity School in 1960. In short, there's lots of blood money involved, a problem not uncommon in academia. Vanderbilt has begun a long process of reviewing these historical legacies. 

PS. I am useless on twitter and other corporate distractions. ​

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