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A prize-winning historian chronicles a sinister idea of freedom: white Americans’ freedom to oppress others and their fight against the government that got in their way.

American freedom is typically associated with the struggle of the oppressed for a better world. But for centuries, whenever the federal government has intervened on behalf of nonwhite people, many white Americans have fought back in the name of freedom—their freedom to dominate others. 

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George Wallace campaigns before his hometown in Barbour County in 1958

In Freedom’s Dominion, historian Jefferson Cowie traces this complex saga by focusing on a quintessentially American place: Barbour County, Alabama, the ancestral home of political firebrand George Wallace. In a land shaped by settler colonialism and chattel slavery, local whites weaponized freedom to seize Native lands, champion secession, oppose Reconstruction, question the New Deal, and fight against the civil rights movement.  


A riveting history of the long-running clash between white people and federal authority, this book radically shifts our understanding of what freedom means in America.

                                      published by Basic Books