Autumn climbing trip with Aidan for his fall break 2019. Aidan on ledge on Corrugation Corner at Lovers Leap (L) and chimney pitch (far right). On summit and en route Cathedral Peak in Tuolumne (center). 


Taught a seven-week class at Deep Springs College in 2019. It's one of the most amazing (and remote!) institutions of higher ed in the world. It's that green circle on the left side, center height of the photo. Hike up sand dunes near Death Valley down the road. 


The "Range of Light." In July 2018, Mickey and I hiked the 225 mile John Muir Trail from Yosemite Valley to Mt. Whitney. We had done most or all of it before, but this was the first complete nonstop (18 days) hike. 


Natchez Trace bike ride--logged over 500 miles riding from Nashville, TN to Natchez, MS. Lots of rock n roll along the way--from Elvis' house in Tupelo to the fabled Muscle Shoals studios in Alabama. Elvis hung out at Johnnie's as kid.


Aidan, my son, and I tried to do four 4000 meter peaks in the Swiss Alps in five days. Got up three of them. Rough on me, but the kid was amazing. Ask me the story about the boots sometime. Check out this 13 seconds from the top.


Rock climbing with my kids: Aliya in Red River, KY and Aidan bouldering in Chattanooga (R); Aliya and Aidan in Joshua Tree (below); Aliya above Boulder (below); 

Aidan high off the deck in Joshua Tree and me bumbling along at City of Rocks, ID.